Hydraulic Engineer Service

Our hydraulic engineer service provides you with technical advice, repairs and help to get the optimum performance and life expectancy from your machinery. With our experience making cylinders for a wide range of equipment and machinery, we help many engineers get the rams, parts and accessories for the best result.

The Motus quality difference

Motus rams are built to the highest standards with quality assurance checks through each stage of the manufacturing process. We stamp a unique tracking number into each ram which allows for quick reproduction or replacement parts if you need some in a hurry.

How we can assist you

New machinery design and manufacturing

Either choose from a huge range of rams and cylinders from our four ranges with more than 150 sizes, or spec your own cylinder with our cylinder builder.

Repairs and rebuilds

Whether you need a new replacement ram or cylinder parts and accessories, we’ll get you what you need and ship it with our 100 hour promise or you’ll get it free.

motus hydraulics standard rams the max ram

Technical details and advice

We have online calculators to answer the most common technical questions, or feel free to get in touch if you need to speak with one of our experts.

Damaged ram replacement

You can send us a damaged ram and we’ll make a new one to the same size and specifications for easy replacement in your machinery.

Call Motus to discuss your needs